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Hall of Fame

Created in the Fall of 2014, Otter Valley Union School has put together a Hall of Fame committee, nomination process, and induction ceremony that helps honor both individuals and teams who have had a lasting impact on Otter Valley.

To Be Eligible for the Hall of Fame:

Eligibility for 2017-2018: Must be from 25 years—from 1962-1987
Please circle all that apply and specify years:    
OV Graduate: (years) ______________                          
OV Coach: includes athletic and non-athletic teams involved for at least 7 years (years) ______________
OV Athletic or Nonathletic Team: includes all Sports and Debate, Band, Chorus, Theatre (years) _____________
OV Faculty: teaching staff involved for at least 7 years (years) ______________
OV Administrator: this includes: Principal, Asst. Principal,  Guidance, etc. (years) ______________
OV Parent or Community Member: involved for at least 7 years (years) ______________
OV Support Staff: involved for at least 7 years (years) ______________


            Please include in your attached letter the following attributes with supporting documentation.

            A. Demonstrated exemplary scholarship, leadership (citizenship) and/or sportsmanship;

            B. Demonstrated character by conducting themselves in a moral and ethical manner as an exemplary

                 role model for students, staff and OV community

            C. Demonstrated superior commitment and successful accomplishments in their role toward students,

                 staff and OV community 

Such letter is to enumerate and describe the attributes and qualities of the nominee and include a chronological listing of accomplishments and awards received while at OVUS and beyond along with statistics and press clippings. 

All nominations must be submitted on the prescribed form by the nominator, who must also supply verification if requested by the committee. A copy of the bylaws can be obtained from Steven Keith, Activities Director, or on the OVUS Web.

There will be no specific chronological order or prioritized list of achievement areas.  Annual selection will include a cross-section and variety of time periods and areas of accomplishment.  All nominations and results will remain confidential within the committee until inductees are announced. The names of those who were nominated but not selected will remain confidential even after inductees are announced. Nominations are valid for three-consecutive years and will be reviewed each year.

 2017-18 OVUS Hall of Fame Nomination Form

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees include:

1966, 1969, 1982 Debate Teams, 1963 Baseball Team, 1976 Baseball Team

Coaches David Gale & Chuck Memoe

Administrator Richard Breen

Athlete Peter Breen

Teaching Staff Paul Ashley, Mary Force & Robert Ripley

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees include:

1973 Cross Country Running Team

Coach Charles Smid

Administrator Robert Sharrow

Athletes Ed Bird, Dan Chartrand, Tim Gallipo, Terry McLaughlin,

Michael Miller, Michael Myers, & Patrick O’Keefe

Teaching Staff John Brutkoski

Community Member Mim Welton

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees include:

1986 Varsity Wrestling Team

Coach Raymond Miro

Athletes Daniel Adams, Debbie Chartrand, Tom Drew, Bob Eugair, Clarence Greeno, Mary Heath, Brad Holden, Brian Rivers

Teaching Staff Rita Rinehart

Community Member Joe Keith