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Athletic Philosophy

Statement of Athletic Philosophy
It is the philosophy of the Otter Valley Union High School Athletic Program to support the academic  mission of the school, and by doing so is an extension of a well-rounded educational program.   Through open communication and cooperation, coaches, parents, athletes, and the school community will  have a positive impact upon Otter Valley Union High School and the surrounding towns.

The program is designed so students may have the opportunity to participate.  Participation and  development will be emphasized at the Middle School level.  As the student matures through the Junior  Varsity and Varsity levels, the emphasis will change to be more competitive.   The program will emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship and will set a tone in which participant’s feel  they belong, are respected, and as part of the program have the opportunity to develop their potential.

Athletic Goals and Objectives

Our goal is that the student athlete shall become a more effective citizen in a democratic society.

Our specific objectives are that the student athlete shall learn:
  •  To work with others.  The team and its objectives must be placed higher than personal desires.
  •  To be successful.  We do not always win, but we succeed when we continually strive to do so.
  •  To develop an understanding of sportsmanship.  Good sportsmanship is a direct indicator of your commitment to fair play, ethical behavior, and integrity.
  •  To develop a commitment to improve.  Continual improvement is essential.  An athlete must establish a  goal, and try constantly to reach that goal by improvement in specific skills.